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With cutting-edge Life Settlement transaction management solutions, LS Hub gives Life Insurance hierarchies the tools to enter the Life Insurance Settlement industry and provides visibility into their growing organization while empowering their agents & suppliers to get deals done faster.

Know Your Business

Manage case status, requirement tracking, downline communication, and beyond through the LS Hub iManager platform.

Grow Your Business

Maintain control while allowing your office, suppliers & buyers to easily manage new LS cases through standardized distribution.

Connect Faster

Expedite case submission, packaging, pricing, and closing through LS Hub iManager.

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With a complete Life Settlement technology solution, LS Hub removes the need for multiple standalone resources that create friction and security risks. Keep track of downline suppliers & buyers, manage new cases, standardize distribution, and streamline closings with LS Hub.


Build your organization in the LS Hub iManager platform to provide the best technology throughout your business.


Reduce complexity by making requests to industry service providers through the central LS Hub iManager platform.


Manage your buyer connections and have complete control over what each buyer is presented through LS Hub iManager.

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