Our Story

LS Hub was founded in 2017 when, after 6 years in both the life insurance and life settlement industry, Stephen Jass identified the challenging process of applying for a life settlement as an opportunity. Having been exposed to life insurance carrier submission & tracking tools, the lack of any electronic application or management platform for life settlement became the focus. Together with his software developer brother, Nathan Jass, LS Hub iSubmit became the first electronic application, tracking & management platform for the life settlement industry.

In addition to the submission and management features, LS Hub iSubmit was also developed to support independent distribution organizations. The ability to form teams and hierarchies within the LS Hub iSubmit platform makes it the only solution designed specifically for financial professionals and any large organizations.

As LS Hub continues to grow, our commitment is to helping as many policy owners understand their option to sell a life insurance policy BEFORE letting the policy go.

Meet Our Talented Executive Team Members

Nathan Jass


Stephen Jass


Chad Redding

Business Development

Jennifer Faubert