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LS Hub iSubmit provides the first electronic application process. Our experienced staff can also mail application paperwork or assist in traditional processes. 

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Once you complete the form bellow you will have the option to create an account to track the progress of your application. Another industry first from LS Hub iSubmit.

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Communication and status updates can be managed 24/7 through the LS Hub iSubmit platform. We keep you in the light.

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Through a global network of investors built over many years, the licensed life settlement broker will get best offers via competition.

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Standard Eligibility

While not every policy will receive an offer from investors, the number of policies that have interested buyers continues to increase. Policies that might not have qualified last year, may qualify now. The best way to determine if your policy will qualify is to submit the form bellow and discuss this with an experienced industry expert. Standard eligibility includes:

65+ with Health Impairments
$100k+ Face Amount
<12 Years Life Expectancy
ANY Policy Type! (Term, Universal, Whole, etc)

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