88% of Universal Life Insurance Policies Are Cancelled!

"LS Hub has created much needed efficiency and we are committed to making life settlement better for everyone involved." - Stephen Jass (CEO)

$140 Billion

Amount of life insurance that was lapsed last year that could have been sold through a life settlement.

"Build best life insurance settlement platform ever."

The life settlement industry had lacked a centralized technology solution that creates efficiency, transparency and wide-spread growth. After years working in both the life insurance & life settlement industries, Stephen Jass set the direction of LS Hub towards providing efficiency and tools to make submitting applications and the offer process simple, fast & easy.

In 2017 the development of the LS Hub platform began, and in May 2018 the platform was launched. Many of the key features you find today were not included, but through feedback the platform improved. Initially the LS Hub platform was used to drive applications to our Life Settlement Broker business, which would get the highest offer and collect a broker commission on every deal closed. While this performance only Broker model was successful, over time the true direction of LS Hub became clear.

In 2020 LS Hub began the process of transitioning from representing a Broker to a fair market platform where anyone can connect with Buyers directly. By creating this ability to connect we allow policy owners, agents, marketers and other supply intermediaries to access the life settlement market in a more effective way.

Instead of charging a 15-30% Broker Commission, LS Hub now provides the same connection to Buyers for a small transaction fee. This means higher amounts to clients and no split in broker commission for supply intermediaries. This new direction opens the doors to a bright and prosperous future for Life Settlement with both amazing tools for submitting, tracking and managing life settlement cases AND the advantage of transparent offers with low fees.

We invite you to join the LS Hub family and utilize our technology to make an impact for yourself, your business, and your loved ones. We provide the tool, but you are the difference maker. In any way we can, LS Hub is here to assist.

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