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LS Hub agregates life settlement funds/supply from across the industry and utilizes state-of-the-art medical underwriting & policy review to provide the best investment options.

  • Fund Structure: Ideal for investors looking to invest in the life settlement asset class without becoming too involved.
  • Policy Structure: Ideal for investors looking to evaluate each policy they purchase individually and make offers for entire policies.

Note: KYC & AML procedures are required for every investor prior to being able to invest in funds or review & offer on individual polices.

LS Hub specializes in the efficient and effective processing of life insurance policies in order to secure offers from across a global landscape of investors & funds. Our deep industry mean we typically receive the highest offers direct from funds and generate a competitive environment designed to maximize offers.

When it comes to offering your client's the highest value, LS Hub can help. We have various ways to partner and look forward to discussing the unique parameters of any cases you have come up.

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