Life Settlement Process:

Fast, Simple & Easy

Selling a life insurance policy does not need to be a full time job.

A revolutionary Life Settlement user interface.

Step 1

Register & Pick Buyers

After you register on LS Hub iSubmit, select some (or all) of the Buyers we are directly connected with. If you know any Buyers that are not listed you can also add them manually at this time.

You can edit the Buyers you are connected with at any time.

You will confirm the list of Linked Buyers with each case, and all confirmed Buyers will be alerted when you submit an application.

Step 2

Submit Application

Complete the LS Hub Application & Medical Questionnaire:

A) electronically through LS Hub iSubmit,

B) print & send completed forms back to your Case Manager,

C) print & upload completed forms on LS Hub iSubmit,

D) request forms be mailed with a return envelope

Step 3

Monitor The Process

Keep up to date 24/7 through LS Hub iSubmit & email/text notifications. Communicate with all parties easily.

You can track how many Buyers have accepted to participate, what requirements have been ordered/received, what Buyers have declined and any offers.

Step 4

Maximize Offer

Watch the high offer increase as LS Hub automatically manages Buyer updates and creates a competitive environment.

Accept, Decline or Counter any offer, any time.

Step 5

Close & Receive Funds

Once you Accept an offer, LS Hub will assist in completing a Contract Request Form (CRF) and initiate the Closing Process with the winning Buyer.

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