LS Hub Direct Provides More For You

When pursuing a life settlement the best offer is very important. LS Hub technology makes the process fast and easy, but in reality our most important value is your final offer.

By applying with multiple Buyers you are most likely to drive the offer higher than if you applied with only a few (or worse only one).

In short, you get higher offers and get more value by going direct with LS Hub.

The LS Hub is paid a transaction fee that is a percentage of the offer (NOT a percentage of face value).

How Is The Transaction Fee Paid?

Buyers pay the LS Hub transaction fee directly only on cases where an offer is accepted and that actually close. This fee is not taken out of any broker commission, our broker users keep up to 100% of the broker commission.

When Is The Transaction Fee Paid?

The Transaction Fee is only paid if an offer is accepted and the policy sale is completed. We are a 100% performance based company. When we perform, you get the best offer, and a case closes, everyone wins.

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