LS Hub Transaction Fee Means More For You

When pursuing a life settlement the best offer is very important. LS Hub technology makes the process fast and easy, but in reality our most important value is your final offer.

By directly connecting with multiple Buyers you are likely to save 20-30% in commissions you would have paid.

Also, by applying with multiple Buyers you are most likely to drive the offer higher than if you applied with only a few (or worse only one).

In short, you get higher offers and are likely to avoid 20-30% Commission.

The LS Hub transaction Fee varies on whether an offer is accepted from a Provider or a Broker (charges additional commission). The transaction fee is less if a Broker offer is accepted because the amount you receive is already being reduced by the Broker Commission (LS Hub aims to be fair in every way possible).

The LS Hub transaction fee is paid as a percentage of the offer amount (NOT a percentage of face value).

LS Hub Fee
(Provider Closes)
LS Hub Fee
(Broker Closes)



How Is The Transaction Fee Paid?

The Transaction Fee is shown with every offer as received. If there is a Broker Commission, that is also shown with every offer as received. In this way you can compare offers taking into consideration all Commissions and Fees to determine the best offer to move forward with.

When Is The Transaction Fee Paid?

The Transaction Fee is only paid if you accept an offer and the policy sale is completed (if you do not accept an offer or close there is no Transaction Fee). We are a 100% performance based company. When we perform, and you get the best offer, everyone wins.

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