Buyers See More Cases With LS Hub

LS Hub is committed to increasing life settlement awareness and aligning with policy owners & supply intermediaries who leverage our technology to obtain the best offers possible.

In this effort, LS Hub allows users to connect with multiple buyers. While we have established connections with many trusted Buyers, we are happy to consider Buyers looking to be directly connected.

Receiving cases from LS Hub is simple, reduces cost and keeps competition fair. You see competing offers in real time and have a fair chance to be the highest offer.

The LS Hub Buyer Process

Step 1

Receive A New Application Notification

When a user has connected you as one of their Buyers and submits an application (and required Medical Questionnaire), you receive a notification to login and view the initial files.

Step 2

Accept or Reject To Participate

If you Accept to participate, you are committing to pay for your portion of the requirements that need to be ordered. For example, if 5 Buyers Accept to participate on a case, whatever the total requirement ordering cost is will be split 5 ways.

However, if one of the participating Buyers closes the case they accept the full requirement ordering cost.

Step 3

Monitor Requirement Ordering & Begin Review

Through LS Hub iManager you are able to monitor the status of each medical record & carrier request. At any time you can begin review of any retrieved documents. LS Hub will provide notifications as each request is completed.

You may make additional requests for information at any time.

Step 4

Make Offers, Compete & Close

LS Hub will provide notifications for any offers made on cases you are participating in and you will have the opportunity to compete and win. Deadlines and alerts from the seller will also be shared.

As an offer is accepted, LS Hub will complete a Contract Request Form with the supplier/seller and provide to the winning Buyer in order to initiate the closing process.

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