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LS Hub is committed to increasing life settlement awareness and aligning with policy owners & supply intermediaries who leverage our technology to obtain the best offers possible.

In this effort, LS Hub has established connections with many trusted Buyers and is happy to consider investors looking to enter the life settlement market.

Receiving cases from LS Hub is simple and provides Buyers access to an aggregated inventory of pre-evaluated policies.

The LS Hub Buyers Club

Introducing the LS Hub Buyers Club: an exclusive network of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) and select investment funds, meticulously curated to bring unparalleled opportunities and competition to the life settlement market. Members of the Buyers Club are granted access to review and invest in high-quality life settlement cases, providing a competitive edge that is unmatched elsewhere. This elite club not only enhances investment portfolios but also ensures that brokers, providers, and policy owners receive the most competitive offers available. Join the LS Hub Buyers Club and be part of a select group that defines the pinnacle of investment excellence in the life settlement industry.

The LS Hub Buyer Process

Step 1

Receive A New Policy Notification

Files can be provided via your preferred method.

Step 2

Accept or Reject To Participate

After initial review you can decide to Accept or Reject which will either unlock the case files or remove the case.

Step 3

Begin Review

Evaluate medical and policy documents and reports to determine if the policy is one you would like to make an offer on.

You may make additional requests for information at any time.

Step 4

Make Offers & Close

LS Hub will keep you informed about competition on cases you have offered on and work to secure acceptance.

As an offer is accepted, LS Hub will initiate the closing.

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