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Life settlement is complex, you are smart, get the best value.

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Simple & Easy Process

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Better Offers & Connection

Competition = $$$
1 App > 10+ Apps
Direct Connections = More Control

Would you prefer to fill out 1 application or 10+?

To get the highest offer for a life insurance policy, competition is key. It is nearly impossible to engage every buyer without a significant amount of time and effort. The best offers come by connecting with multiple Buyers directly through LS Hub.

LS Hub allows you to connect with multiple Buyers with a few clicks without paying a standard broker commission.



Buyers on LS Hub





Standard Broker Commission

Better Transparency & Trust

How do you know you are getting the best offer?

Having the ability to see how many Buyers review your case, track how many have declined and see what offers are made in real time provides much needed transparency. Trying to manage multiple Buyers and keep everyone informed about every update manually is difficult & time consuming.

LS Hub allows you to monitor Buyer activity and keeps all Buyers aware of offers, updates and deadlines automatically.

Transparent = Fair
Fair = Better Offers
LS Hub = Less Fees

Better Control & Communication

Ultimate Control
24/7 Tracking
Offers Direct to You

Would you like to have 24/7 access to the process?

Maintaining control & updates makes the process go faster and maximizes offers. When the process is not managed properly the result can be delays & lower offers.

LS Hub provides a dedicated case manager & automates the communication necessary to ensure all Buyers are aware of new offers and have the chance to compete quickly.


More Control


Smooth Process



Better Service & Technology

Would you like a designated case manager to be there for you through the entire process?

As you go through the Life Settlement process there can be questions, obstacles and issues. Traditionally, when this happens you deal with the same issue several times across many Buyers which can be frustrating, take unnecessary amounts of time and cause delays.

LS Hub provides a single expert case manager who can answer any questions you might have and will make sure obstacles are resolved in one shot (for all Buyers).

Centralized Contact
Streamline Process
Save Time & Effort

More Speed & Efficiency

Single LS Hub Request = Speed
Fewer Delays
Faster Offers & Funding

Would you prefer doctors receiving one (1) request for medical records or multiple requests?

One of the most common time consuming steps is retrieving medial records and insurance carrier information. When multiple Buyers are engaged, the same requests are made multiple times, which can slow down the process (and multiply Buyer costs).

Imagine deciding to work with a Broker and two Providers and the delays caused by each requesting the same information.

LS Hub centralizes requirement ordering and our expert request team provides files to ALL Buyers.

Simple & Easy Process

Ready for your one-stop life settlement solution?

In a world where there is a way to electronically apply for most things, LS Hub has created the first electronic application tool for life settlement.

Anyone can electronically submit an application (or via email/fax/mail to your dedicated case manager).

LS Hub provides the tools & resources the life settlement market has desperately needed & we are excited to work with you to get the very best offers for your policy.

First Electronic Submission Tool
First Buyer Direct Access Tool
First Straight-Through Application

More Privacy & Security

Your Data is Secure
Your Information is Confidential
Top Encryption

How do you know if your personal information is being protected through the process?

Keeping your personal information secure and private is of the utmost importance at LS Hub. We take pride in maintaining the highest security standards and procedures. With our expertise in software, rest assured your data and information is safe.

LS Hub is committed to being your trusted partner for selling life insurance policies, and a big part of that is our security.

Everyone at Life Settlement Hub is wonderful!

You've taken such good care of me and provided excellent customer service. You came through when I needed you the most. I've paid off my bills and my debt.

Earl B.

I recently sold my term policy through LS Hub

and would like to share the excellent customer service I received throughout the full process of this matter. Phone calls were returned very promptly. My medical history and review was obtained within a short time period. Overall, I was very happy with the service and my outcome. I would certainly rate this office with high ratings and refer anyone to them which I have done so.

Bonnie S.

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