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Electronic Submission Option

During the Life Settlement process, Medical Records & Insurance Company documents are retrieved. An application is needed to request these items.

LS Hub iSubmit is the first Life Settlement submission platform to provide a tool for electronic applications. You can also email, fax or mail the application and upload the signed application to the platform.

Our efficiency-centric approach means you spend less time submitting an application and can manage all your applications from start to finish from one platform.

Direct Buyer Connection

Obtaining the highest offer involves as many buyers as possible reviewing & pricing.

By directly connecting to Buyers through LS Hub you can ensure multiple Buyers review your policy with only one application (without finding, contacting, filling out multiple applications and following up with several different companies).

You can connect with any buyer, even if they are not yet listed as an option.

Why LS Hub?

Reason #1 - Singe Application & Point of Contact

With LS Hub our centralized requirement process means you have one point of contact & only fill out one application.


You decide to sell a life insurance policy and apply with three companies. Two are Providers (direct buyers) and one is a Broker. You fill out three applications, follow-up with all three companies, and need to get on 3-way calls with the carrier with all three. The carrier sends you a document and you need to send it to three different companies.

Why LS Hub

Reason #2 - No Pressure

LS Hub informs every Buyer of every offer automatically. Your will be made aware of every offer and offer deadlines (if applicable). You will never be pressured to accept an offer, you will be advised by the experienced LS Hub team on how to maximize the offer without un-helpful pressure.


You apply with three different companies, go through the process juggling all three companies, and finally you get an offer. The company presents urgency and pressures you to take the offer quickly without giving any of the other companies a chance to compete. Until you accept the offer, the pressure is on.


Education Course

Understanding Life Settlement is important. The LS Hub education course is designed to provide a high level overview and an in-depth review of the life settlement option.

The LS Hub Mastermind Course takes 20-30 minutes and covers Life Settlements A-Z.

This valuable part of the free LS Hub iSubmit platform prepares you to engage in life settlement.

24/7 Tracking & Communication

Once an application is completed, ramaining in control is simple & easy with LS Hub.

Log in from anywhere, anytime and check on the status of your case. If there are any delays or items that need your attention, you will be notified immediately.

Communicate directly with your case manager and Buyers through the case view. If you do not use the platform, your case manager will provide updates through the entire process and assist the entire way.

Why LS Hub?

Reason #3 - Receive Higher Offers

With LS Hub your case was seen directly by a Buyer who makes a $100,000 offer to you and only the (much lower) LS Hub transaction fee is taken out, leaving you with $94,000.


You apply to sell your life insurance policy and get the same offer from a Broker who keeps $25,000 as commission, leaving you with $75,000.

Why LS Hub

Reason #4 - Faster Process

The LS Hub back-office uses the best technology and is built to handle an unlimited number of applications.

Doctors offices and insurance companies only receive one request, and therefor can process faster.

When LS Hub receives requirements they are immediately available to any participating Buyers you have selected.


When a doctor or insurance company receive multiple requests for the same information, it can make the process take longer. Some companies are not as efficient at ordering requirements and following up. You may end up having two companies who have declined, one has made and offer, and one is still "working on it". In reality the last company was slow at making requests and will hold up the process while they catch up. Premiums are paid until the sale closes, so the faster you get the best offer, the less premium comes out of your pocket.


Marketing Tools

LS Hub marketing tools are for anyone with connections or clients who may have life insurance policies they may want to sell.

Create a life settlement landing page and use the LS Hub embedded quoting & application tool to provide instant quotes and initiate the application process.

Use the email generator to quickly design and send impactful emails to your contacts.

In addition, LS Hub has marketing resources such as eBooks, brochures and social media posts that can be custom branded upon request to assist in marketing efforts.

Organization Management

For independent distributors & organizations that have many employees, this feature allows you to track downline activity.

Track downline application submissions, statuses, offers and key events.

Your downline users can also create & grow their own organizations on LS Hub and so on.

This powerful tool respects & honors the relationships the organizations we serve have spent considerable energy creating.

Why LS Hub?

Reason #5 - Transparency, Trust & Control

LS Hub is a tool to select multiple buyers, monitor exactly where your case is in process, and be the one seeing everything that is going on in real time.


When you submit an application to sell your policy with other companies, the only way to get an update is with a call, text or email.

You end up having to rely on trust instead of transparency.

Why LS Hub

Reason #6 - Secure Your Data

With your personal information being used to review & price your life insurance policy, protecting that data is important.


LS Hub is committed to the security of your information through every step of the process.


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