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Professionals and Sellers from across the country trust LS Hub to get Life Settlement deals done

LS Hub replaces form creation, signature, and life settlement (LS) transaction management systems with a single end-to-end solution, while helping you streamline the LS process with real-time visibility and alerts.

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Tracking & Security

Maintain security and audit trails from application through closing. Utilizing e-signature and blockchain technology, LS Hub ensures each step of the process is completed securely and can be tracked globally.

Streamlined Solutions

Through the use of e-signature and mobile platforms, the LS application process has never been so quick. Our scalable broker back-office quickly puts your cases in front of buyers with the necessary information while you run your business.

Organization Management

Create, manage and grow your Organization through the LS Hub platform. Provide your producers with a straight through Life Insurance Settlement application process so they can focus on driving new business.


LS Hub is known for being a leader of LS solutions and is the first to provide e-signature solutions backed by blockchain auditability. Keeping our users focused on their business while expanding into LS through innovation & support is our goal.

Case Study:

The Secret of Success

Pete had been a life insurance producer for over 30 years, and had a book of business full of clients in their 60’s. Every year he watched dozens of term policies lapse as clients reached the end of the term and were unable to afford to convert their valuable coverage. After being introduced to LS Hub solutions & prospecting tools, Pete was able to help many of his clients recieve cash settlements for the term policies they planned to lapse. He also participated in dozens of conversions he would have never submitted without a Life Insurance Settlement.


By learning about Life Insurance Settlement, and utilizing best-in-class solutions, Pete was able to communicate & help his clients.


This communication also allowed Pete to discuss alternative financial & insurance products with his existing clients, generating new business.

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